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Welcome to LASERPAK

Dear Customers!

If you want to be sure that the quality of your products fulfills the requirements of the global market use the services of the Laser – Pak as the leader  in making tools for steel rule die cutting

About company

Laser-Pak was founded in 1987 as a die making company and has been owned and operated by Jerzy Erbel ever since. We were the first company to introduce computer-designed dies in Poland and one of the first to use laser technology. The improvement of the die production process took place in a close co-operation with west-European enterprises.

Our goal

Laser-Pak is continually striving for satisfying customer needs and demands. To accomplish this we utilize the latest technology (a 1000 watt laser, …. Easy Bender, pen-plotter) and the finest materials in the market as well as expertise and experience of our well-skilled employees. Our goal is to provide our customers with the highest quality steel rule dies at the most competitive prices.

0ur services

Laser-Pak offers a comprehensive and full service. We make all types of flat cutting rule dies for packages, displays and stands, etc from paper, cardboard for adhesive labels and blisters.

We also design packages. We own a rich library of ready-made projects in FEFCO and ECCMA files.

We also realize non-typical projects. Our main aim is to be flexible and react to the ideas and needs of our clients as fast as we can, with the most personal attention they can get.  

We make:

  1. Laser-cut rule dies
  2. Cutting rule dies for punch presses and cleaning tools for the Bobst die cutting machines
  3. Pertinaxes
  4. Dies for processing plexiglass and plywood for adhesive stickers
  5. Female and male embossing die and debossing slugs
  6. Packages design
  7. Counseling and service


  1. Plastic Industry
  2. Packaging Industry
  3. Folding Carton Industry
  4. Printing Industry
  5. Gasket Manufacturers
  6. Leather Manufacturers
  7. Die Cutters

Our quality

To maintain the ultimate precision, speed and reliability all the plywood is processed using a laser. Due to the implementation of internal guidelines (ISO), every product is checked for quality and accuracy before leaving the workshop. It ensures that you obtain dies that meet the industry’  highest standards and make it more competitive on the market.

Your order

You can place an order in any form convenient for you by:

  1. Delivering a sample of the product
  2. Dimensioned drawing
  3. Exposures on plastic sheet,thin film or vinyl
  4. E-mail
  5. Diskette or CD.


Whether we operate locally and nationwide we do everything to deliver your product on time.  We utilize UPS …and other reliable courier services